I’m planning to use QR codes as part of my world-smashing campaign that will see sales of my book, Naughty By Nature (slated for a release sometime before the world ends), sky rocket beyond the dark side of the moon and allow me to sip cocktails on a Caribbean beach watch Watford every week.

Blur - should get quite rude with their marketing suits

So I pay a little attention to how they’re being used at the moment. And with mobile phones quite popular these days and rumoured to be even more central to our lives in the future – apparently, one day, we’ll be able to make calls with them too – the use of ‘quick response’ codes will “connect the physical and digital worlds”. So they say.

So Blur need to be made aware of all this. Their marketing suits clearly see QR codes as a fashion, a fad, a f****** bewildering bafflement (probably). The only quick response they elicited from me included a naughty word muttered under my breath.


What I experienced (Oct 9th 2012)

  1. I scanned Blur 21 QR code to see where it takes me
  2. There was no copy near the ad telling me why I ought to take the time and trouble to scan
  3. It took me to a You Tube video
  4. I watched it expecting to see a call to action / url to buy
  5. Nothing. Only a hashtag.
  6. So they want me to go to twitter and search a hashtag having already pulled out my mobile, scanned a code, watched a video, decided I wanted to buy the product without either a url to buy or a call to action in sight
  7. I go to Twitter on my pc (mobile’s too fiddly for all this by now) and search the hashtag
  8. It reveals nothing and takes me nowhere
  9. I go back to the advert on the back of the mag
  10. I see a url: blur.co.uk/blur21
  11. I go back to the pc and type in the url
  12. I have to look for a call to action.
  13. I find it in the bottom right hand corner
  14. I click it…but have to scroll down to see the options
  15. It gives me four buying options
  16. I click the cheapest
  17. The link is broken
  18. I click on the Amazon link (price displayed: £195)
  19. I land on the Amazon page
  20. Price displayed: £154.73 and free delivery

And here’s…

What I should have experienced:

  1. I see the QR code, which has some copy near it telling me what to expect when I scan it (ie why it’s worth my while)
  2. I scan the Blur 21 QR code knowing what to expect (a video)
  3. I watch the video and see a short url to buy with a clear call to action (‘Buy it here’)
  4. I go to the url and it takes me to straight to Amazon or wherever

Conclusion: the music industry is in even more of a state than I thought.


Under Reconstruction

by Paul Parry on June 30, 2012

#NbyN: under reconstructionFor the first time ever, I’m going to quote Shakespeare:  “A jest’s prosperity lies in the ears of him that hears it, never in the tongue of him that makes it.”

Having written what I thought was a cracking piece of work, I sat back. Then, at the last minute, I was saved – you’ve read the post about that, right? ;-)

So, fresh with the insight of C.W. Barron – considered the founder of modern financial journalism – that “everything can be improved”, I sat back again. Only this time, I had a cup of tea in one hand, a pen in the other and a lonely thought knocking around my head. Hmm, I thought. Hemingway – he was right, after all: the first draft of everything is indeed shit.

It’s taking a while, but there’s a fair bit that I’m working on, with particular emphasis on the plot, the characters and the words. I’m creating stronger characters (I’ve written bios and everything) set in a better, tighter story. It’s going to be much less self-indulgent. It’s becoming more rounded. I’m still writing about stuff that amuses me (such as the Englishness of England) but this time – finally – I’m writing with YOU in mind, not just me.

I’ve deviated from the usual route – Idea followed by Plot followed by Characters – and started on the Proper route, ie Idea followed by Characters followed by Story. As I said, it’s taking a while but already feels stronger. I can’t say yet when it’ll be published but I want the new draft sent to my editor sooner rather than later.

man putting up an umbrella

New Followers (does that include you? Click here if you’re not sure)

It’s nice that the number of followers of #NbyN on Twitter is still growing since I finished Tweeting the first draft on May 31st 2012. It’s also nice that I have a small but treasured collection of celebrity followers:

  1. Barry From Watford – the UK’s favourite octogenarian
  2. Reverend & The Makers – fine Sheffiled band led by the marvellous Jon McClure
  3. Russell Grantreally famous British medium/psychic
On I plod, then. I’ll get there. And when I do, I’ll have plenty to say about the process. I’ll leave you now with another quote (not sure whose): If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. I like that.



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